A Surprise of Sorts: Nakazzi’s Baby Shower Shoot

by muto
Nakazzi's Baby Shower

The last three months of this year has been a busy time for me. I have been occupied with doing a lot of shoots, most of them baby bump & baby showers. Each of the shoots was just as great as the next one. However, the last shoot that I did last weekend was the most surprising and interesting. Nakazzi’s baby shower turned out to be surprising to the attendees.

Nakazzi's baby shower
Baby Shower

You know how in baby showers the mom-to-be’s friends organize a surprise party to celebrate her transition to motherhood? Well, Nakazzi had a surprise for them as well. The event started around noon at St. Paul’s Chapel Nairobi and most her friends had arrived. Once they settled in, one of Nakazzi’s broke the news. Nakazzi had broke her water and was in Nairobi Hospital, and in labor. Such a surprise, right? The baby chose the perfect day to come! Obviously everyone didn’t believe that Nakazzi was in hospital. Such doubting Thomases🤣🤣🤣🤣

In order to have everyone believe that she was actually in hospital, we had a video call with Nakazzi just as she was getting admitted. Nakazzi was obviously surprised to see all her friends who had turned out to celebrate her motherhood. Each of her friends took turns to give a personalized message to her via the video call.

Nakazzi’s Baby Shower Continues…

Nakazzi being admitted in hospital didn’t mean an end to the event. Her friends took part in games and describing a list of baby items each one of them had picked. It was fun seeing the ladies attempting to describing some of the items. I had no clue about some items, like mittens. Do you know what mittens is? Neither do I. It was, however, a learning experience. Getting to know some of the key items one should have as you prepare to welcome new born.

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