3 Tips to A Successful Photoshoot

by muto

A successful photoshoot, whether portrait, wedding or event, is determined by a number of factors. I have been a professional photographer for two years now. Before then, I was a complete amateur. Hardly knew how to operate a DSLR. But I believe every great photographer starts from here.

Over the two years, I have made numerous mistakes for the several photo-shoots I have undertaken. But with every mistake, I have learned a vital lesson. These lessons are what I shall be sharing with you today.

Lesson 1: Plan for Your Photoshoots.

My biggest mistake when first starting out was that I never planned for my shoots. And this was best displayed in my first significant shoot. The shoot was an annual Rotary conference at the glamorous Enashipai Resort, Naivasha. And even in subsequent shoots, I still failed to plan. But how do you prepare for a shoot? What works for me is asking all the right questions. And I mean ALL. I ask about the anticipated number of guests in attendance (if it’s an event/wedding shoot), duration of the event/shoot, and expectations of the client. It’s always important to know what are the client’s expectations so that you plan accordingly to fulfill them. For portrait shoots, it is still good to know what the client wants to achieve from the shoot. The Kung’u Shoot which was my favorite portrait shoot, the clients wanted to promote their fashion line.

Lesson 2: Prepare Your Gear

Every shoot you undertake requires a different set of gear. Gear you need for a wedding shoot will always vary from a portrait one. One thing that’s similar for a successful shoot, however, is you need to ensure your gear is in top shape. With a lack of adequate planning, one of the first shoots I undertook, I forgot to check whether my battery is fully charged. Halfway through the shoot, the battery died on me😒. Before undertaking any shoot, always ensure your lenses are clean, battery charged and your memory card has enough storage.

Lesson 3: Have Fun

Definitely the most important lesson and a crucial asset for a successful photoshoot. Your mood during a shoot determines how the client responds back to the shoot. Having a bright smile and a reassuring face makes the clients feel relaxed, knowing that you’ve captured the best shot. If you enjoy the shoot, your client will definitely enjoy it as well. Also, don’t forget to bring in your creativity.

These are not all the tips for a successful photoshoot but these three have always worked out for me. If there are more tips, let’s engage in the comment section.

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