Portrait Photo Shoot at The Supreme Court of Kenya

by muto

I had never envisioned at any particular time that I’d find myself on the corridors of justice. But this past Monday I found myself at the highest court in the land – The Supreme Court of Kenya. And no, I wasn’t there for a legal matter. I was here to celebrate and capture moments of success. One of my closest friend’s sister was being admitted to the bar. It was just a few years ago I covered her graduation from UON Law School. And here I was, covering yet another momentous occasion of her legal career.

Advocate Bar Admission

Bar admission is such a grand event for any young upcoming lawyer. A stamp to show that you’ve qualified to argue cases before a magistrate or judge. On this particular hot Monday, over 200 lawyers were being admitted. Consequently, there was an almost an equal number of photographers at the event. Each photography busy capturing that one great shot of their client.

With limited space on the admission grounds, each photographer struggled to get their own space to capture moments of the event. I was no exception. Luckily, I found a prime spot next to my client’s family. Actually, a perfect spot with a whole view of the event.

The Supreme Court of Kenya

Security at the Supreme Court of Kenya is obviously super tight. A number of armed police officers and plain clothes officers patrol the grounds. Before taking the job, I was a bit skeptical about taking photos on government property. From stories I’ve heard, camera gear have been confiscated from photographers for taking photos within government premises. I however, agreed to do based on assurances of my client.

With the all the legal pleasantries and protocols done away with, the new advocates lined up to take a group photo with the CJ and Deputy Registrar. It was a quite the sight. The advocates beaming with happiness and glowing with joy. All the 204 lawyers who had been admitted that day got a chance of taking a photo with the Chief Justice.

If I thought I had a hectic day, I was in for a rude shock. Taking the family portrait shots got really hectic. Everyone was struggling to take some shots at the stairs of justice. With a bit of push and shove, I managed a couple of shots.

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