Golf Photography: 2nd Annual Teke Teke Golf Tournament

by muto

For two years running Teke Teke, Golf Tournament has been able to raise funds for a worthy cause. It was started to ensure the sustainability of Rotary Madaraka’s Education Fund. The fund educates children from underprivileged backgrounds. The fund continues to be active over the last 3 years through club members’ contributions. As a result, we support two girls from Starehe Girls’ Center and School for their entire secondary school education. Teke Teke Charity Golf Tournament was started to ensure the sustainability of the fund.

Teke Teke Golf Tournament

10th January 2020 marked the second edition of the golf tournament. It was a culmination of four months of planning. And it was the most anticipated event in Rotary Madaraka’s calendar. Planning the event was no mean fete, as I came to discover. Organizing a golf tournament is not as easy as planning any other kind of event. A lot goes into planning, especially on getting a suitable day for the tourney.

With the D-day here, the sun shore brightly. Phew! Our fears the previous day had been that it’d rain like it did the previous year. By mid-morning, the club was abuzz with golfers streaming in. One by one they registered and dashed into the changing rooms. Only for them to appear a few minutes later and heading out to tee off.

By late afternoon, all the golfers who turned up had already teed off. With the scorching sun high up, the first team of golfers was already winding up. The look on their faces showed they had enjoyed the course.

As the official photographer for the tournament, I went around capturing shots of the golfers in their element. Having done this for the third year running, golf photography was becoming a favorite.

In the evening, we convened in the clubhouse for the prize giving. Besides the golfing during the day, it’s the most anticipated segment of the tournament. To announce winners of the tournament, share a meal and enjoy the night away.


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