Fashion Shoot: The Kungu Sisters

by muto

This was my first ever fashion photography shoot and last Wednesday, I got to do one. Modelled by the Kung’u Twin Sisters, the fashion shoot previewed various designs by Waku Fashions & Corsets by Chiqqas.

Also part of the fashion shoot was to showcase red, black, and gold corsets by Chiqqas, an enterprise owned by Mary Kungu. The corsets matched perfectly with some of Waku Fashion attire that was also part of the shoot.

Fashion Shoot: Waku Fashions

Waku Fashions is an exclusive custom-made African inspired fashion enterprise. Ann Kung’u, one of the twins started the outfit. She’s participated in beauty pageants in the past and is a former Miss. TUK (Technical University of Kenya). She continues to participate in various pageants, showing her own fashion items. She’s not new to fashion photography shoots and taking part on this, was more than fun for her.


Chiqqas is a ladies wear and accessories enterprise. The other twin, Mary, started it a while back. She sells some really cool and cute ladies’ stuff. From dresses to corsets. And they are cheap too. Mary, or Miss Kung’u as I love to call her, is really passionate about this business. While doing the fashion shoot at my house, I got a chance to learn more about her business. She started a few months ago, mostly selling corsets and bras. She’s now grown to dresses – both official and casual.

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