Chapati Forum 4.0: Doing it for the Kenyan Boy Child

by muto

For the last four years, I’ve been deeply passionate about the Kenyan Boy Child. Starting the chapati forum in 2016, initially was a way for me to celebrate my birthday with the rescued street boys. Over the years, this objective has grown into mentorship and doing sustainable projects at Streetnizers Boys Rescue Center. Streetnizers started 15 years ago, rescues boys from the streets, and rehabilitates them. In recent months, the project is re-integrating the boys back into their families. Juvinaries, the founder of Streetnizers, reach out to the families of the boys and starts the process of re-integrating them back.

Chapati Forum 2019

Unlike its predecessors, chapati forum 4.0 had to be different. Besides cooking chapatis, we included a mentorship session with the boys in the program.

The event kicked off early morning with the boys kneading the dough for the chapati. As part of their rehabilitation at the center, they’re trained on soft skills such cooking, deejaying etc. This is to help them start small businesses or get jobs once they integrate back to the society.

Chapati Forum 4.0

Rotarians from Rotary Madaraka & Rotarators from Rotaract UON Afya arrived around mid-morning and joined the boys in the kitchen. One team joined the boys to spin the chapatis while the rest were preparing the other items on the day’s menu. All this while, a number of the boys were setting up chairs for the mentorship session.


At the start of the year, one of the things I was hoping to do more of was mentorship. This was both for the boys at streetnizers and for anyone coming up as a photographer or designer. Having coming from the streets, it was vital for the boys to have role mentors to help mould them. The daunting task was finding mentors for the over 110 boys who reside at the centre. Fortunately, with my networks in Rotary, I reached out to a number of my friends who, at different times of the year, visited the boys and had mentorship sessions with them.

Chapati Forum 4.0 was going to be a continuation of the mentorship efforts. Rotaract Afya, who are medical students, sat in groups and engaged the boys. The goal of the session was to know the boys’ story, their challenges and the dreams they have.

At the End…

With the mentorship done, we shared a plate of rice, beef stew and chapati with the boys. Rotaractors inducted new members into RAC UON Afya. Chapati Forum 4.0 was a huge success. And it couldn’t have been without the support of the rotarians, rotaractors and my friends. I just can’t wait for Chapati Forum 5.0

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